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David Kelly Photography


Welcome to LINA dancewear by Lina Kim-Wheatstone.

This Journey started in 2013 for me with just pure love and curiosity for designing leotards.

Each piece is hand made by myself and my small team with custom materials personally sourced and handpicked in small quantities offering you a one of a kind design and fit.

I have danced professionally for over 10 years and still going, so lycra is like a second skin to me.

I believe every product should be made carefully to show individuality as well as longevity.

It brings me so much joy seeing my dancewear worn and loved by dancers in all stages of their career, from students to Principle dancers, all over the world.

I thank you for your continuing support and hope you know that, as well as supporting small business you are helping charities such as Breast Cancer Council, Share the Dignity and World Vision, to name a few.

I look forward to seeing LINA dancewear grow as new opportunities are made and designs are created.

Lina x

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